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An OC Pole Party is the perfect pole dancing party for your event!

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Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Girl's Night Out,
Bridal Shower, or any reason!
Have your Pole Dancing Party in Orange County, Corona, Riverside, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, or San Diego! 

(travel fee for parties over 20 miles)
A Pole Dancing Party is a fun way to get together with your friends to celebrate or just to have fun!
 You don’t have to go to a dance studio to experience the fun because we bring the POLE to YOU! Just invite your friends over and experience the fun of a pole dancing party in the comfort and safety of  your own home. Everyone will have fun and It will be an event to remember!
Holiday Pole Party Special!
2 Hour Pole Dancing Party
for only $299!
*you may add an additional pole for large parties for ($50)*
1 1/2 Hour Pole Dancing Party
for only $250!


 What happens at a Pole Dancing Party?
    We bring the pole, music, props and FUN! Everyone is lead though the “stripper walk”, basic steps, floor work, poses and POLE TRICKS.  Once you are comfortable with the moves, you will be taught a fun routine! We will practice it together and, if you wish, you’ll then have time to “perform” the routine for each other. Each Pole Party is customized to fit what you and your friends want to learn: pole tricks, lap dance, routines, striptease (no nudity).
How many people can come to my Pole Dancing Party?
As many as will fit in your space! However, a maximum of 15 is recommended to ensure that everyone will get a good amount of time on the pole. An additional pole is available for a $50 fee.
What kind of pole do you use?
We bring the pole to you! It is a small platform stage with a stationary pole that is set up in 5-10 minutes! No worry about damage to your ceiling for floor! Fun and safe and can hold up to 250 lbs!
What do you wear at a Pole Dancing Party?
You should wear what you feel comfortable in. Most women prefer to wear yoga type workout wear, a T-shirt and stretch pants or shorts, whatever. Remember, this is POLE DANCING, so wear something that makes you feel sexy!  If you are feeling adventurous, wear fishnets and heels!
Are men allowed at a Pole Dancing party?
No. Just women are allowed to attend.This is for Ladies Only!
What if my friends and I are shy?
Your Pole Party instructor will take the cues from your group. She will start off slow to make sure all are comfortable with the movement and basics. No one will be made to feel uncomfortable. The focus is on fun and making sure all are having the time of their lives!
* additional pole is a tension pole (floor to ceiling). Stud must be located by the homeowner and a waiver must be signed prior to installation.
   Call for information on Pole Dancing Parties:
  (949) 637-4772



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