Orange County Pole Dancing Parties! -  Orange County, Corona, Riverside, Los Angeles & San Bernardino!
How do I schedule my Pole Dancing Party?
Simply go to the "Reserve Your Pole Party" link and fill out the reservation form. You will be contacted to set up your party date.
When Can I Have my Pole Dancing Party?
Weeknights and weekends available! We even do Brunch Parties!
Party Deposits and Cancellations
A $50 deposit is required to book your Pole Dancing Party.  The deposit is applied to the cost of the party.  
Deposits to be made by Pay Pal. Party balance is due the night of the party in the form of cash or a cashier's check.
Parties can be rescheduled up to 14 days before the party date.
Refund Policies are as follows:
Cancelled 2 or more weeks in advance:  Full Refund
Cancelled less than 14 days in advance: Non refundable
Travel Fees
Certain locations outside of Riverside County may be subject to a $25 travel fee. 
Can we drink at the Pole Party?
A celebratory toast is a fun way to get your party started! And it is a party! If at any time the instructor feels that someone’s judgement or balance has been impaired by alcohol, she reserves the right to not allow that person on the pole.
Are Spectators Allowed?
Sure! There is a $10 per person "spectator fee" for anyone over the maximum who is not participating. Even though they aren't taking part in the "party" fun itself, they are still learning through observation.
What is the minimum age for a participant?
16! However, there is no AGE LIMIT! Women of all ages will love the experience and have a great time!
How do I invite my friends to my Pole Dancing Party?
The best way to insure that you have a minimum of 6-10 people at your party is to OVER INVITE! Usually about 1/3 of the people you invite to any event will be able to attend, so if you want 8-10 in attendance, you'll need to invite about 25. I will send you an invite that you can email or mail out to your guests! They will want to come and see what it's all about! 
Is there any risk of injury at a Pole Dancing Parties?
Like with any form of exercise, there is always the risk of injury. You will  move at your own pace and safety will always be first. The most common down side to pole dancing is that you may get a couple of bruises if your legs are on the pole.
*All participants are required to sign a waiver before the party agreeing to take the class at their own  risk.
Is there a weight limit?
The recommended maximum weight for pole use is 250 lbs. But if a participants weight is 250 or more, they can still learn the movement portions of the class, just not the spinning tricks. It will still be fun and fulfilling!
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