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Summer Special: 2 Hr. Party ONLY $325!

2 Hour Pole Dancing Party
This pole dancing party is a great introduction to pole dancing! You will learn to get comfortable with the pole, learn 2-3 spinning tricks, several moves on the pole, floor work and a fun routine! This party is recommended for groups of 6-8 so that all get equal time on the pole. 
Private Lessons
$100/hr at your location
$75/hr at my in home studio!
2 1/2 Hour Pole Dancing Party
This party offers all that the 1 1/2 hour party does, but with 30 min. of Lap Dance instruction as well! You will learn how to do a sultry lap dance for someone special! Ideal for Bachelorette Parties or for anyone wanting to learn how to do it all! Recommended for groups of 8-12.
(maximum of 10 participants. $25 each addtional person)
3 Hour Pole Dancing Party
This party gives you all that the 2 1/2 party offers, but allows you to play & practice on the pole for an extra 30 minutes! You and your friends will love this extra “play time”!  It also allows the instructor to teach some extras! This party really allows you to get everything out of you Pole Party experience! Recommended for group of 6 or more!
(maximum 20 participants. $25 each addtional person)
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